When tradition is reinvented…

The secret of the recipe for “Christoffel Röteli”, which is over 100 years old, was well guarded by great-grandmother and great-grandfather. Despite this long past, this cultural asset from Grison (Davos) is in tune with today’s trends.

On New Year’s Eve, people in Graubünden toast the New Year with a sip of Bündner Rötali; during the year, Rötali is now offered at the bar “on the rocks” or as a cocktail – at the AlpenGold Hotel in Davos, Rötali is on the menu “s’schwarze Stängeli” at the atelier VERT.
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Behind Christoffel Rötali is Patrick “Päde”, who continues the culture with passion and great commitment and produces it in the form of a small series production. The Rötali thrives in a co-workshop in the Davoser Unterschnitt; it lies in a brandy for over four months and is lovingly shaken in between. Despite all the love, the best Rötali is only as good as its ingredients. The cherry is the main ingredient of the Rötali. In addition, secret spices are added – this is exactly the secret and gives the Christoffel Rötali its special character. The production is real handwork and is also decisive for the quality.

Admittedly, one may wonder how the cherry came to Davos, because no cherries grow in Davos. In the past, the RhB offered a travelling market service with its “Kirschenzug” (cherry train) at the railway stations along the railway route, which brought fruit and other products from the Bündner Herrschaft and the Prättigau to Davos. In Davos, these fruits were dried and pickled by the locals. During the winter months, this gave rise to delicious specialties such as Rötali.

Christoffel Rötali is sold in 100ml and 500ml bottles, also by mail order, far beyond Davos. But that’s not all: the young company is also concerned about sustainability after bottling. The mash is used for the “Rötali Brand” – and who knows, maybe the cooperation between Christoffel Rötali and the AlpenGold Hotel Davos will result in another product or two.