Discover the numerous trails and breathtaking views while mountain biking in Davos.

A ride through the mountains on a train composition from the 1920s

In addition to the famous Kirchner Museum, Davos Klosters offers a varied selection of museums on winter sports, local history and mining as well as art galleries, chapels and architectural sights.

How is delicious mountain cheese made? What is the secret behind beer production? And what exactly does life on a farm look like? We will be happy to advise you for a real insight into this everyday life.

Davos Health has a long history, which continues to develop today.

The perfect place to simply let yourself drift and enjoy the sun – or actively hold out against the wind and waves.

The adventure begins right next to the hotel. Our own playground already offers many opportunities to be active for a whole day.

The Davos Adventure Park is a high wire and cycling park for adventurers of all ages and abilities.

In the summer months, Lake Davos is the perfect place for refreshment and all kinds of water sports.

The nature discovery trail will awaken your «interest” and show you the wonders of nature.

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